Collaborative Counselling Ethos

The aim of collaborative counselling is to ensure your counselling experience is personal to you. To help you understand any issues that may be standing between you and the life you want to live.

As Carl Roger notes You as the Client "know what hurts, what experiences need to be uncovered and what problems are crucial" Rogers:1980;xi). I aim to work with you in a non judgemental, confidential setting to enable you to explore and understand any barriers there may be.

  I understand it can be difficult to take the first step into making a counselling appointment, however through my work with MIND, Relate and working in Schools and Colleges. I have seen the very real and life changing benefit to a persons life. Being able to understand and recognise patterns in your own life can make a real difference in being able to achieve the goals and address the issues that have brought you to counselling.​

Please feel free to email or call me to arrange a free consultation and find out more about counselling and how it can work for you.